FAQ Overview

  • Prior To Placing Your Order

    How long before I receive my order?

    Turn around time varies depending on the product ordered, and your location in relation to that of the maufacturing plant. Approximate production and shipping times are listed on each individual product's page. If we are informed that a product is on back order and it will delay your order, we will contact you immediately. Once the order ships, the travel time is determined by your location

    What does the term colour coordinated mean?

    Colour Coordinated coverings using components similar in colour but, not always exact in colour, are common to all manufacturers. Exact colour matches of secondary parts such as tassels, strings or other parts of a covering with the primary colour are rarely possible. The colour choices offered for the primary components, slats, louvers, fabrics and so forth, are far too extensive, and change too frequently to always have exact colour matches. Designer selected, colour coordinated components assure you that all our coverings provide the desired look. Should you have specific colour concerns, please call or email our Customer Service department using the contact information listed at the top of website.

    Will I be charged vat?

    Blind Express, is a vat registered Company in Ireland and there is vat included in the price on all orders. Reg:IE4113156V

  • When Placing Your Order

    Are my online transactions secure on your website?

    Yes! You can connect to Realex Payment Centre or to PayPal. All information when in transit via the internet is encrypted (128bit SSL) to ensure confidentiality of sensitive data. All messages sent to us and the responses from us are authenticated using digitally signed digests. All requests are verified against a legal list of IP address and referring URLs. Should you still prefer not to order over the Internet you may: call or email your order in using the numbers listed at the top of the website; or mail your order to the address listed on the "contact us" page. If you email your order, please call to confirmed that we received it.

    Is a minimum window depth required for an inside recess?

    Yes. The minimum window opening's depth for an inside recess varies according to product. All depth requirements are listed in the specifications tab on each product page.

    What do you mean by inside or outside mount or recess?

    INSIDE MOUNTS or INSIDE RECCESS hang completely inside the recessed area of the window's opening when sufficient window depth is available. Inside Recess, the most common way of hanging blinds, provide a neat, clean look.

    OUTSIDE MOUNTS or OUTSIDE RECESS hang outside the window above and beyond the opening (Example would be a sliding glass patio door as most do not have an inside recessed area). Usually due to insuffient opening depth, outside recesss may also be the only option because a handle or other hardware prohibits the mount to made inside the opening. Some situations allow for ouside recess on wood trim or casing. Outside Recess are also used to make a window appear larger or to hide an unattractive window.

    Will my credit card be charged when I place my order?

    As the vast majority of our window treatments are made to order. If you order online, it is necessary to charge the full amount of your order on your credit card when the order is placed. If we measure and/or install for you, we take a deposit of 50% at the time of sale. The remaining balance will be paid upon completion of the order.

    Will you sell or give away my personal information?

    We will never sell or give away any of your personal information. All of the information that you give us such as your name, address, phone numbers and email addresses are used only for processing your order and contacting you when needed. We will not release this information to anyone.

  • Once Your Order Has Been Placed

    Can I change or cancel my order?

    Order Changes Policy:
    You have up to 24 hours after the order is placed to make any changes. Once that period has passed it's normal for production to have begun. Changes, if possible, after the 24 hour period will incur an additional fee determined by the degree of production already completed. If your product(s) have been completed they can not be changed. If you order on-line,please review your "Order Confirmation Email, or Fax, immediately upon receipt to avoid any problems.

    Cancellation/Return Policy:
    Since ALL products purchased through Blind Express are custom made to order they can not be resold in the normal course of business and therefore can not be returned for any reason.

    Due to the custom nature of our products, your credit card will be charged for the total sales price, inc vat and shipping, once the order has been placed.

    Please review the Order Confirmation that is emailed immediately after your order has been placed, and check it for any errors. It is your responsibility to verify all sizes, products and colors prior to production.

    Do installation instructions come with my order?

    If you order on-line, detailed installation instructions can be found under the "Measuring and Installation" tab on each product's page. Instructions may be included with some orders but, if not, please refer to our online instructions. If you have us professional measure and install, we will be responsible for the installation.

    How do I check order status or tracking?

    Simply call or email our Customer Service department using the contact information listed at the top of website

    How do I contact Customer Service?

    You can reach our Customer Service by using the contact us form or telephone 00353 (0)539120892

  • Arranty, Service & Care

    How do I clean and care for my window treatments?

    General cleaning such as vacuuming, feather dusting or wiping with a damp cloth is all that is usually needed. You may also refer to your local yellow pages for professional blind cleaning companies that offer in home cleaning.

    Is there a warranty included with your products?

    A manufaturer's limited warranty is included with all of our window treatments unless a request was made that they be made in a manner contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations. Complete warranty information, for each type of window treatment, is listed on their respective product pages.

    What if I need repairs?

    Please call or email our Customer Service department using the contact information listed at the top of website, and we will assist you in determing whether the item can be repaired or must be replaced. For on-line orders.If the problem is minor, one of our experienced staff may be able to direct you, step by step, in solving your problem. If the problem is repairable, yet requires factory attention, we'll return the item to the factory. We'll also quote you on any applicable repair charges. Should the problem be determined a product defect, the repair will be made at no charge. For professionally measured and installed. We will come out and determine the problem, and fix or replace the blind or shade.